Anthrax Matrix

The ANTHRAX GERM was found in BOCA RATON in Florida.

The source of the ANTHRAX was never found but was thought to be from a domestic source rather than from overseas. It is interesting, therefore, that the phrase "WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE" appears in the matrix and so close to the central term of ANTHRAX.   Could this hint at a US Biological Warfare Weapon being let loose by a person within the US Military itself?



Term Skip Book/Chapter/Verse
ANTHRAX -4943 Ephesians Ch 2 V 4
GERM -3285 Galatians Ch 5 V 21
BOCA 833 2 Corinthians Ch 11 V 9
RATON 4944 2 Corinthians Ch 11 V 28
WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE 1 2 Corinthians Ch 10 V 4