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Revelation and Orbital Parameters

The Book of Revelation seems full of symbolic accounts of a 'War in Heaven'.  It it possible that this could be a reference to space or air based warfare, perhaps even within our own lifetimes?

Amazing though it seems, Revelation has a specific set of orbital parameters encoded within it.  Proving, beyond doubt, that a higher intelligence has had a hand in the authoring of the KJV 1611 New Testament.

Consider for a moment one of the attributes of the Bottomless Pit, as mentioned in the Book of Revelation.  If it were truely bottomless then once entering it you would fall forever.  Being in orbit is the same, you are continually in Free Fall, exactly as though you were in a Bottomless Pit.

A search, then, for "Orbit", as a key word, brings a few related phrases into conjunction.

Notably "War in Heaven" is just a few lines below the word "Orbit".   Crossing close to "Orbit" is the word "Laser", remember the Starwars Defence Initiative which included Space Based Laser Platforms.

Now the really interesting section of the matrix is the inclusion of "Hundred Forty and Four Thousand" and "Thousand Six Hundred Furlongs".  1,600 furlongs is 200 miles or 320 kilometers, a typical orbiting altitude for the Space Shuttle.  Also 144,000 divided by 1,600 gives 90, or the time in minutes that an orbit at 1,600 furlongs would take to complete.

An interesting relationship is also noted with the term 666.  Instead of 600 + 60 + 6, let us look at 600 * 60 * 6 giving a result of 216,000 or the distance (once again in furlongs) that a satellite would travel in a slightly elliptical orbit at 1,600 furlongs altitude.

The best thing is that you can check the closeness of these calculations at the NASA Orbital and Period Calculator page.

Are these figures together by coincidence or intent.  If intentional then what else is hidden away in the Bible Codes that remains yet to be discovered.

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