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RS FTP is an File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client for 32 Bit Windows Operating Systems.  It is designed to work with Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000 and XP as well as with Windows NT.

RS FTP has been designed with ease of use in mind.  To this end it makes extensive use of the 'drag and drop' facility offered by Windows. For single file transfers, this permits just clicking on a file in one window and dragging it across to another, it couldn't be easier.

One of the major features of RS FTP is it's powerful lexical analyser.  This enables it to automatically detect and correctly display listings for all the following server types and their derivatives:
Unix and Unix compatible Linux MSDOS All Windows and NT variants WFTPD for MSDOS NetWare NetPresenz for the Mac Both MultiNet and non-MultiNet VMS

RS FTP contains extensive context sensitive help.  All dialogs have a Help button for fast access to relevant help information.

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